InstaMastery Challenge: Boost Your Brand in 5 Days

1. InstaMastery Challenge: Boost Your Brand in 5 Days


Format: 2.5-Hour Zoom Webinar

Price: $149 AUD

Webinar Recording: Available for purchase at $249 AUD

About the Workshop:

Rev up your brand's reach with our one-of-a-kind InstaMastery Challenge. This engaging 2.5-hour workshop delves deep into warming up your audience and offers an effective sales launch scheme, all aimed to skyrocket your immediate sales through Instagram Stories. It's an immersive experience you simply don't want to miss!

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs, influencers, small businesses, and anyone committed to taking their Instagram game to the next level

Starting from $149
InstaMastery: Pro-Level Skills

InstaMastery: Pro-Level Skills

Format: Online, 2 days, 5 hours each

Light Package: 1 Day Group Format at $760 AUD per person

Standard Package: 2 Days Group Format at $1205 AUD per person

VIP Package: Personal Consulting with Individual Marketing Strategy at $2275 AUD

Day 1: Crafting Your Unique Brand

Part 1: Your Marketing Blueprint

Discover Your Niche: Feeling stuck? I guide you in pinpointing a market niche that truly resonates with you.

Product Creation: Unveil your identity by designing your own product or even an entire product line.

Golden Table of Sales: Learn how to compile a brief that will act as your roadmap to sales success.

Unique Selling Proposition: Tactics for convincing clients why they should choose your product.

World Experience of Successful Sales: Know what types of social media strategies are working globally.

Market Norms and Points of Growth: Understand the market norms that are essential for growth and how to always be ahead of the curve.

Double Trouble: Master techniques to sell to the same client, not just once but twice.

The Neuromarketing Edge: Deploy psychological tactics to subtly influence buying decisions.

Part 2 - Packing a Selling Account on Instagram

Profile Optimization: How to structure your Instagram profile to captivate potential customers.

Visual Trends: Implement the latest visual design trends in your profile.

Common Mistakes: We'll share the pitfalls you must avoid when setting up your Instagram account.

Day 2: Promotion and Sales on Instagram

Part 3: Amplifying Your Reach

Traffic Tips: Get more people to visit your Instagram, for free or paid.

Stand Out: Learn ways to be different and better than your competitors.

Work with Bloggers: Find out how to team up with influencers to boost your brand.

Part 4: Story-Selling Mastery

Emotional Triggers: Employ persuasive triggers that invoke immediate responses from your audience.

Product Warm-Up and Launch: Master techniques to warm up your audience for both online and physical product launches.

Turnkey Sales Funnels: Receive ready-to-use 5 and 30-day sales funnels for immediate application in your Instagram stories.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is ideal for business owners, marketers, and anyone keen to scale their Instagram operations.

Your Takeaway:

By the end of this immersive session, you'll be poised to launch your own high-impact Instagram sales campaign, effective immediately.

Starting from $760

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